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Brian M. Jacobson will speak to your group or gathering on aviation topics.  Current topics include Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes and Instrument Flight (Flying On The Gages).  If your group or organization has other aviation topics in mind that would benefit its members that can be arranged as well.   

Brian has nearly 14,000 hours in the air in general aviation aircraft from Cessna 150s to jets.  He has extensive instrument experience and is willing to share those experiences and wisdom that he has picked up over the years.  He is also a full time aircraft appraiser and buyer's agent.  He is an expert on the purchase process and can help those in your organization learn more about purchasing airplanes safely.  He has conducted his seminars for groups like the 99s Pinch Hitter course, the Duke Flyers Association, Civil Air Patrol, and others.  

He is well known in aviation circles for articles that appear regularly in several aviation magazines, the two books he has written (Flying On The Gages and Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes), and for the column he does for Trade-A-Plane On-line called, "Ask The Appraiser."  

If your group or organization has a function coming up and you need a speaker contact Brian for pricing and availability.


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