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Often damaged airplanes are represented as pristine, no damage airplanes. You must be certain that you know the history behind the airplane you are buying. If you suspect there is unreported damage history on an airplane you own or have an interest in we can help you discover the truth about the airplane. If a mechanic tells you that the airplane you are considering purchasing looks like it has been damaged, but there is no corroboration in the aircraft records, give us a call. We will do a thorough investigation to help you make a determination about the airplane. Depending on the extent of any damage that may have occurred the value of a damaged airplane can be considerably less than the going market is producing for like undamaged aircraft. You donít want to buy an airplane you think is damage free only to find out that it isnít.

I have seen logbooks that have been forged to cover up damage history. Twice insurance companies had totaled one airplane, yet the logbooks represented it as pristine. I have found references in logbooks that referred to damage history, though the unsuspecting would not have seen them as such.

Recently I found an entry in an airplaneís airframe log that referred to "damage repaired." After investigating the incident I found out that the entire tail of the airplane had been changed along with a new canopy, and propeller.

There are some kinds of damage that will have no affect on the value of the airplane, and others that will result in a major deduction. Do you know how to evaluate the damage on the airplane you are buying? Let us help.


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