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The hardest airplane to buy is the first, especially if you are a low-time pilot who has little experience with anything other than rental airplanes. We offer assistance to those who need the advice or intervention of a professional. You must be sure to take all the required steps in the purchase of your airplane, if you want to make a successful purchase.

A successful purchase is one where you buy the right airplane at the right price, and donít have a lot of left over maintenance problems that cost you a bundle after the purchase is complete. There is no reason not to be successful in your purchase, yet many people are not, because they donít know all they need to know before buying an airplane.

Brian M. Jacobson wrote the book on buying airplanes. It is called Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes and he knows how to buy them. If you need help in any portion of the purchase process whether it is over the phone or in person all you have to do is call. If Great Lakes Aircraft Appraisal appraises an airplane for you, or assists you in any way, there is no charge for additional information sought over the phone. On-site work is charged by the hour, or may be fee driven depending on the depth of activity required.

We stand ready to assist you in with all or any portion of your aircraft purchase. Give Great Lakes Aircraft Appraisal a call at (248)363-3807.


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