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An aircraft appraisal that is done correctly is much more than the value of the airplane being inspected. It is a report on the inspector’s observations and feelings about the airplane, a complete inventory, and provides information that most buyers or sellers would not otherwise obtain, because they wouldn’t know where to find it.

Most buyers are not qualified to evaluate an airplane themselves. A professional appraisal will describe the airplane thoroughly, and give whoever reads the report a very good idea of what the airplane is about, before they ever see it. When a potential buyer reads an objective, professional appraisal done for either the buyer or seller, he will come to see that airplane first, because he will know more about it, have a realistic picture of it in his mind, and know what to expect of it. There should be few, if any, surprises.

For sellers an aircraft appraisal will save them time and money. That’s because it takes seven months or more to sell an aircraft without an appraisal. With an objective appraisal written by a professional appraiser, you will reduce that time to 3 months or less. The appraisal is a great selling tool that justifies your price, gives potential buyers a "feel" for your aircraft that they have yet to see in the words of someone who has no interest in it, and allows the seller to price the airplane accurately, so it will sell quicker.

But all aircraft appraisals are not created equally.  Be certain, whether you are a buyer or seller, that the person you employ is one who can be objective about the airplane he will be inspecting, and that he has the experience and expertise necessary to do the job.  I have been in the business of buying and selling airplanes since 1971, and a full-time aircraft appraiser since 1989.  I have the background and experience to give you a report that will be thorough and accurate.

If you are in need of a complete aircraft appraisal that will provide you with a detailed report on your airplane, or the one you are considering purchasing, give Great Lakes Aircraft Appraisal a call or send us an e-mail today. You will be dealing with the person who wrote the book on how to buy general aviation aircraft. It is called "Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes." Brian is also Trade-A-Plane’s "Ask The Appraiser."


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